Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where would you go on vacation to take pictures?

We need advice.
Kathie and I want to go on a vacation but we cannot decide where to go. We want to go somewhere we have not been before. Somewhere we can take walks and take pictures. We love the outdoors. We have been to Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula, Monterey California, San Francisco, Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas, Florida, Chicago, New Orleans and New York City. That is where we have been over the last 15 years. We are OK with metropolitan areas but prefer historical places, mountains, rain forests, “the big outdoors”. We are not into camping or tents. Roughing it would be a Motel 6.
So, can you give us some recommendations for some great locations to vacation? Take into account the time of the year. We went to New Orleans in the month of July and it was not good! Where have you been and where would you stay? Where would you go to take pictures? We are looking for suggestions within the North American Continent. Europe etc. is out of our range for now.
Thank you,
William and Kathie Aeschliman

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Carl H. said...

How about the Smokey Mountains in western North Carolina? I went there with some friends on our Goldwings May 2007. The weather in the upper elevations was cool overnight, low 70's during the day. can give you the average temps for any time of the year there. Gatlinburg TN is quite popular, but about twice the price as NC, and besides, there all sorts of little mom-and-pop style of motels still in the area that are quite nice. Small, mountain towns, and plenty of outdoors to be had without the huge masses that tend to visit the TN side of the Smokeys. The Blueridge parkway can take a couple of days to traverse and there are many places to take hikes and find hidden mountain streams. Even the local roads have beautiful overlooks. My wife and I are going back there this summer ourselves.