Thursday, April 9, 2009

Idea for the club

I have an idea for the camera club.
Could we set up a tent/booth for club members to display and sell their photos at festivals? There are a number of large festivals in Indiana such as the Jonny Appleseed festival here in Ft. Wayne. I have been to the Madison Festival in Madison Indiana many times and there are always several booths set up by photographers. I think it would be a good way to display our photos and get a chance to sell some of our prints. The professional photographers in the club could advertise their services.
It would require some investment in the booth and the cost for space at the festival. It would also require people to work the booth. It would require a lot of work to set up and manage, but think of the exposure.
Club members would supply the prints.
I have a wood working work shop and I could help manufacture boxes to display the prints. A tent could be rented for the occasion.
What do you think?
William Aeschliman


Michelle said...

I like this idea! Anyone else?

dawn said...

It sounds fun - but a lot of work. I do a few festivals each year. Lots of planning... and coordination are involved.

FW Photographers Club said...

I have now doubt that the initial setup would be very labor intensive. We have a lot of members in the club and it sounds like we have some members with prior experience (Dawn). Most festivals occur in the fall of the year and we have a long summer to prepare. I am not a member of the governing body and I do not have any idea of the financial reserves available. I also do not have any idea of the cost of renting a space at a festival. It is just a dream of mine (actually it was my wife Kathie’s original idea). I would like to know what experience our members have had at this sort of thing and do they know the approximate cost of this type of project.

George said...

It something I have wanted to do for a long time. I found out about the club at a festival. As far as planning, It may already be too late to get into some of the large ones. If it is something we truly interested in. I would ask that a committee is formed with people who are able to comit the time to get things rolling. I think it could be fun and good exposure for the club.

Carl H. said...

Most festivals are struggling and would probably welcome anyone to have a booth. All the communities in N.E. Indiana have festivals. Last year we went to great little festival in Ligoneer. There was a college-kid displaying/selling his photos.