Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vacation Lens...

My husband will be returning home from his second year-long deployment this spring. We decided to go to Disney World again (we went in 2005 after his first deployment). Our 3 kids and I were looking thru pictures from our first trip to Disney, and man were those pics bad! lol! I'm excited about going again and taking better pics...but our kids are older (and taller) so we can ALL ride the rides this time. So I am struggling between being the vacation photojournalist and a participant.

Our youngest was 4 the last time we went, and now is 9 so we won't need a stroller and all the junk that comes with taking a young one. So I want to downsize what we lug through the parks. I think I want to take my 5D body and two lenses. I'm thinking about the 70-200 2.8 and the 50mm 1.4 (even though the 70-200 is SO heavy!) lol. I want fast lenses that will cover indoor low light situations, tight shots, and zoom without taking everything I own. So what lenses would you haul around the park?

Thanks! Kim


FW Photographers Club said...

Well Kim there are two lines of thought. First, you can take what you have listed and shoot like you normally would. The only thing I might do is either change out the 50mm or add a wider angle lens. The second line of thinking is travel light and change the way you shoot. Put a little thinking into the way you shoot and match it with the equipment you have. Remember you are a much better photographer now. I think you can take better photos even if you have to move closer or farther away from your subject or even change a location (so what!) The one big advantage that 5D body has you can set your ASA up to 32000 and still have quality images. Don Gagnon showed me an image he took do just that, ask him about it.
Well thats my two cents worth!!!!

George (who else)

Michelle said...

Definitely have to agree with George. I would definitely travel light and adjust my shooting. I normally shoot every day stuff with my 24-70, but knowing I would be running into low-light I would probably stick with the 50mm. Have fun, whatever you do!
Michelle Davies

Schwabby said...

I agree travel light. I have done the trip with all the equipment and you get really really tired lugging all of the equipment around. You can always photoshop the images later as well.