Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I've been thinking a lot about how far I've come in photography, and how far I still have to go. I'm going to step outside of my comfort zone each year and try to understand (hopefully master) new skills. This is my list of things to learn and buy for 2009:

1. Studio lighting. ( I've got it. I've used it. I fear it.)
2. Flash. (I am flash challenged).
3. I will purchase and use a light meter.
4. Macro. (I long to do macro shots. I've got my eye on a Canon 180mm).
5. Tripod. (I feel like I am shooting with a ball and chain when using a tripod, but need it for macro).
6. I'm comfortable with photoshop, and need to dig deeper into the software so that I'm not just scraping the surface.
7. I really really want to use textures. They are SO cool for certain shots.
8. I need to become more comfortable doing family shoots.
9. Posing is SO unnatural to me. I've taken workshops, read books, but it is still not second nature. I'm going to get it this year! lol.
10. I'm going to set aside time to take photos for just my personal enjoyment and more photos of my family.

Kim Ross

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