Sunday, November 16, 2008


There is a large blank space between two postings, which makes it seam like you have come to the end but you haven't. Can anyone explain why and how to fix it.??


Pete said...

The underlying code that generates the page has to be edited. If you are not confident about doing that, it is best to leave it alone.
Another aggravation is that different browsers may render the page differently. Check it out at least with Explorer, Firefox, Netscape and Safari since it might be more like you would expect with one or more of these. Explorer is often the poorest conformer in this respect. My personal browser choice is Firefox and the inter-item spacing does not seem excessive with this.
If this turns out to be a significant issue, let me know and I will open another blog with the same style sheet and check it out.

FW Photographers Club said...

Thanks Pete, it was fine for the first few day. Then is just started. I may try a different design just to see if it makes a difference. Keep coming back to see what happens.